Saturday, 23 December 2017

Merry Ag twitter Christmas from Kowalchuk Farms

Twas the night before Christmas and all through my timeline

Not a message was happening............Not even one of mine

The farmers were recording, their podcasts with care

In the hopes that everyone, would be grateful, like, and share

When suddenly on my phone, there arose such a clatter

I shut off my ringer till I knew what was the matter

Away to my notifications I tapped like a flash

Opening up my conversations, I thought my screen would crash

I checked those I followed none of them had Tweeted

Not Sharkey not Faber, I  almost had to be seated

Then what to my wandering eyes should appear

But a bunch of bright hearts, I maybe had nothing to fear

"By High heels! by, Oldman Gord! now Daily cowman and Wheat Geer!

Now SenatrStanford, now Wheatlander, now Dirt Sweat n tears!

They all liked my post but I hadn't even tweeted?

It wasn't something I said? I felt like I cheated!

I became quite worried, As it was almost Christmas day!

So I sprang to my Computer, But had nothing new to say

We had covered many topics, from Bitcoin to Trump

If I mentioned them again, I would be quite a chump

Then I realized it wasn't me who had caused all the stir

It was someone else's tweet, and now I knew for sure

It was a jolly old elf, who had re-tweeted my Pic

It was Santa himself, who found my Massey...... quite Sick!


It's not all about followers, or the re-tweets and Likes

It's about telling our stories, and guys like Rob Saiks

We don't do it for money or some type of Fame

We do it to fight lies, and "food fear accounts" that are Lame!

Our Crops and our Livestock, is why we're all here

They make people happy with thick steaks and great Beer

It's not just the farmers, we come as a set

From the scientist, the trucker and Cody the vet

So throughout these months, You all brought me such Cheer

So Merry Christmas to all ......and a Joyous New Year!

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